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Diabetic Knee High Socks

Silver is the element with the best reflection and conductivity features in the World.
Bonny Silver, specially designed for people with Raynaud disease, reflects 95% of your heat body back
to its source and stores and dissolves it. This way, it keeps your foot warm in cold weathers. It
regulates the heat balance of your feet by providing sweat glands to work properly.

With Bonny Silver:
• Get rid of unpleasant odor.
• Avoid the fungal infection and eczema and other wounds on your feet may heal more
• Your feet will be warm in winter and cool in summer.
• Relieve and move away from stress by insulating static electric accumulated on your body.
• Enhance your blood circulation and eliminate edema.
• Protect yourself from radiation.
• Prevent your feet from swelling during long trips and feel more comfortable.

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