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Silver Ankle Toe Socks

Special design that allows silver to touch between toes.

Ideal for those who care to keep their toes clean and dry and for sensitive feet.
Bonny Silver does not bother your foot with its specially made rubber for diabetic patients, it does
not block blood circulation and it regulates blood circulation thanks to the silver knitting all over the
product. It allows the wounds on the foot to heal quickly without getting infected. It does not irritate
the foot thanks to its seamless feature.

• It prevents formation of bacteria that cause foot odor with antimicrobial properties. Your
foot will not produce undesired smell. It avoids fungal infections and eczema and helps the
healing process of other disorders.
• Thanks to its thermodynamic property, it reflects 95% of the thermal energy coming out of
your body back to its source and stores and dissolves it. This keeps your foot warm in cold
• With its thermal conductivity characteristic, in hot weathers, the silver yarn distributes the
heat on your foot in to external environment and keeps your foot cool and fresh. Your foot
will be warm in winter and cool in summer.
• It relaxes you and moves away from stress by insulating static electric accumulated on your
• It heals your wounds quickly without letting them being infected.
• It increases blood circulation and prevents edema in areas that is in contact with the skin.
• On long journeys, avoid swollen foot and feel more comfortable.
• All properties of the product are permanent during product lifetime and do not lose their
effect after washing process.

In our products, unhealthy yarn combinations such as polyamide and nylon are not included. They
are manufactured with natural yarn blends.

Product Composition:
85% Modal
10% Pure Silver Yarn
5% Lycra

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